The Nestucca River


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This central Oregon mid-sized coastal river originates in the Coast Range Mountains and flows through the southern part of Tillamook county to reach the Pacific Ocean at Pacific City.  The 55 mile length river flows through some public land like the BLM and the Siuslaw National Forest; but most of it's best fishable water falls on private land.  The Nestucca flows through several small coastal towns on it's way to where it flows into the ocean on the north end of the Nestucca Bay.  The Nestucca is one of the most popular and productive coastal salmon and steelhead streams in Oregon.  The river offers good runs of winter and summer steelhead, chinook salmon, and sea-run cutthroat trout.  For bank anglers, the river up above Blaine offers good access.  The lower river offers 5 boat ramps for floating access but you do need to check river levels before you go.  

The Nestucca has a good run of hatchery steelhead from late November through January.  Beginning in February, the big native steelhead start arriving in the river.  Each year the Nestucca blesses a few anglers with steelhead larger than 20lbs but the average is about 8 to 12 pounds.  Summer steelhead are also available between June and October and can provide good fishing when river levels are adequate.  Usually by late June river levels are too low and water temperature too high to provide good fishing.  The Nestucca offers a diverse selection of steelhead water and can be very popular during the prime times. 

Salmon start to show up in the lower bay and estuary in early September.  The salmon are a mix of wild and hatchery and can be a lot of fun on a fly rod.  Once the fall rains start the fish will move up into the fresh water.  . 

Late summer and early fall also offer opportunities for sea-run cutthroat trout.  This fishery is strictly catch and release. Before the fall rains, these fish can be found in tidewater, with the freshets they head upriver to spawn.  Look for these fish around snags, stumps and pilings as they like cover.     

The Little Nestucca River is a 18 mile small coastal river that flows into the Nestucca Bay on the south.  This river is best fished from a boat in tidewater.  In the fall you can expect good salmon and sea-run cutthroat fishing in tidewater.  


Fishing Seasons on the Nestucca:  December through the end of January hatchery run steelhead enter the river.  The month of February the famed wild winter run steelhead make their entrance and continue to make anglers smile through mi-April.  These fish run up to twenty pounds and are aggressive to a well presented fly.  The month of May is the time Spring Chinook and some early run summer steelhead start to show.  June, July is the peak time for Spring Chinook.  The summer run steelhead will fish well all the way into the fall months.  The month of September is time for the mighty Fall Chinook to make their way in to the bay and estuary of the Nestucca.  These fish will stay in these area until the first good rains of the fall that will move them up into the freshwater section of the river.  These fish come to a fly very well and will reach weights of up to fifty pounds.




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