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We offer the best quality materials available for Classic Salmon and Spey Flies. 

 Classic Atlantic Salmon materials are our specialty!!  We offer quality materials and hooks that are used in most of the classic Atlantic salmon and Spey fly patterns.  If you don't see what you want on our catalog, please give us a call.  Often we get in special skins and feathers that just don't make it on our website.  

Thanks for checking out our catalog.  Please call to order at 503-588-1768. 




Picture is an Avon Eagle tied by Rich Youngers




Note:  Availability, quality and prices change frequently on some of the materials listed in our catalog.  Prices shown are subject to change at any time based on these factors.  Some feathers are not eligible to be shipped outside the USA. 


Want to see some Atlantic Salmon flies.  Check this link out. 

Full Skins

 Golden Pheasant skins ... Prime golden with head $19.95 (minus tail) (limited availability).   Golden Pheasant without tail or head $13.95.  Available dyed in black, purple, hot pink, red and orange.  (All dyed skins are without head or tail.) (Limited availability)  



Blue Eared Pheasant...  $195.00  The feathers are used in Atlantic Salmon and Steelhead Spey patterns and are an excellent substitute for Heron feathers.  OUT OF STOCK



Jumbo Ring Neck Pheasant ...  Natural Male full skin without tail or head.  $12.95 



Guinea Hen Skin #1 Natural Prime Pearl skin $32.00 


Regular Dyed Guinea Skin:  Orange, Red, Purple   $28.95





White Cock Pheasant Skins Dyed:  These full skins have all the spey hackles a tier can need.  Black, Hot Pink, Fuschia, Heron Gray, Purple:  $39.95









King Fisher Skins - Beautiful blue feathers are great for collars and cheeks.  #1 Skins $39.95


Very Limited availability









Jay Wings - Beautiful blue small feathers with black barring.  More popular flies such as the Invicta, Thunder & Lightning require the blue and black coverts for throat hackle.  One Pair:  $15.95  







Snipe Wings:  $22.00.  Small feathers with soft pattern.  Limited availability. 




Jungle Cock ... From legal birds.  These feathers are getting super hard to find.  We just got in the last few capes from our major supplier.  Once these are gone..........


C grade neck $159.00    








X-Select Complete Golden Pheasant Heads (crests and tippets) $14.95


These are beautiful, availability is limited.   







Lady Amherst Necks:  Excellent quality for tails, cheeks and wings.  Natural:  #1 - $15.95,


Dyed Colors:   Cerise/Fuchsia, Highlander Green, Hot Orange, Kingfisher Blue, Purple, Red, Yellow. 





Salmon Fly Hen Necks:   Substitute for illegal, exotic plumage. These small necks work well and offer a good substitute for tyers.   $7.95  Colors: Toucan Yellow, Kingfisher Blue, Cock of the Rock, Indian Crow, Silver Doctor Blue.


Peacock Secondary Quills:  These feathers are a good sub for Kori Bustard in Atlantic Salmon flies.  Jumbo (14")  $17.95, Large (12")- $12.95  Medium (10-11")- $8.50 




Jumbo Imitation Florican Bustard:  $17.95 pr. (feather length 18", fiber length 21/2" - 3").

Currently out of stock



Standard Goose shoulder: This will tie from size 4 to size 1/0 standard steelhead flies.   3 pairs per package.  Colors: Magenta, Red, Yellow, Highlander, Hot Orange, Yellow, Purple, Black, Cerise, Hot Pink, White, Chartreuse.  3.50 pkg.


Blue/Gold Macaw center tail Sections:  2 " sections $8.50.  


Scarlet Macaw center tail Sections:  2" piece $14.95 (limited quantity)




Catalina Macaw:  One pair per pkg, 2 3/8" fiber length.  $35.00 


Greenwing Macaw:  One pair per pkg, 2 3/8" fiber length  $35.00


Scarlet Macaw Wing Coverts:  Hand selected for the "Shannon".   $12.95 - $20.00 per matched pair.  

Size:  Large

  Limited availability




 Vulturine Guinea Wing Quills:  Black feather with black lines and dots.  $8.95/pair OUT OF STOCK


Vulturine Guinea Fowl Feathers:  3 pairs per pkg, finely speckled feather with white strip down center.  Use for winging and throats.  $3.95




Temminich Tragopan Flank Feathers:  $4.50 pkg   OUT OF STOCK


Peacock Blue Body Feathers:  $2.50 pkg




Ostrich Herl Selected specifically for salmon flies, short and fine herl.  Natural black.  $2.75



Amgold Center Tail Clump:  These tails are great for married wings.  Easier to marry than Golden Pheasant, makes a good substitute for bustard.  X-Select ... $89.95 


Golden Pheasant Center Tail Pair:   2-3" fiber length. $12.95


Silver Pheasant Tail Clump -  $20.00 (The feathers have a white background with some black lines).  Currently out of stock

Silver Pheasant Tail Coverts - $4.95 pkg of 4 feathers. 

Strung Silver Pheasant Body Feathers:  One of the best feathers for cheeks and collars.  A must for the Grey Ghost Streamer.  $6.95 

Colors:  Chartreuse, Claret, Highlander Green, Hot Orange, Hot Pink, Kingfisher Blue, Grey, Purple, Red, Silver Doctor Blue, Yellow, Natural.  


#1 Amherst Center Tail Sections - $4.50 One (1) 4" section per package.  Use for hackling on intruder and spey flies.  Colors:  Chartreuse, Hot Orange, Hot Pink, Kingfisher Blue, Silver Doctor Blue, Purple, and Natural



Golden Pheasant Crests:  X-Select  Golden Yellow with Red tips, limited availability  $10.95

#1 Grade - $6.95  Use for general tying


Dyed GP Crests:  Orange, Red, Highlander Green, or Hot Pink,  ...$8.95



Golden Pheasant Tippets:  Great for use on Atlantic Salmon patterns.  Complete natural Golden Pheasant tippet.  $4.95


GP Tippets Dyed:  $6.95  Available in Orange, Red, Pink, Purple and Black







Dyed White Turkey Tails:  Colors: Highlander Green, Red, Yellow, Orange and Royal Blue. 


Sold by the pair.    $15.95 per pair. 




Royal Palm Turkey: excellent quality $15.00 - $18.00 pr. OUT OF STOCK


Golden Oak: Collector's grade $24.95 pr.  #1 grade $10.00 pr.  OUT OF STOCK


Zebra: Limited supply.  #1 grade $22.95 pr., #2 grade $18.00 pr. OUT OF STOCK


White Tipped Turkey ...This white tipped turkey tail is specially selected for salmon flies. There is a black band before the white tip starts. #1 grade $10.00 pr., #2 grade $8.00 pr. 

Silver Mottled Turkey... This feather has a white background with black speckling on it and a black bar up top. The tip can be used as white tipped turkey tail.  Collector's grade $25.00, #1 grade $12.00 pr.


Cinnamon Turkey:  #1 Grade $15.00 a pair

Spey Hackle

Blue Eared Pheasant Feathers - The best substitute for the traditional Heron feather.  Available in natural or dyed colors in medium or large size.  Great for Atlantic Salmon and Steelhead patterns.  Natural:  (Med) $9.95 (Large) $11.95 Dyed: Black, Hot Orange, Green, King Fisher Blue, Purple, Yellow and Hot Pink:   (Med) $10.95  (Large) $12.95 

Spey Schlappen:  Close to the spey cock hackle used on Spey flies originally.  Available in the following colors: Orange, Yellow, Grey, Claret,  Pink, Purple, and Natural Bronze.  Approximately 25 feathers per package.  $5.95 per pkg.

Barred Mallard Flank Feathers:  Large select feathers great for spey hackling.  Dyed colors:  Red, Black, Purple, Peacock Blue, Fl Fire Orange, Fl. Pink.  Also Natural.  $2.95

Other Select Materials

X-Select Teal:  These are extra select large feathers, distinctly marked with dark barring.  Two matched pairs per package.  Used for veiling and wings.  $4.25 per package   Subject to availability.  

Select Teal - selected specifically for throats and/or collars, 12 feathers per package.  $3.50

Dyed Teal:  Non-sorted.  Colors:  Purple, Claret, Orange, Red, Green.  $2.50 pkg.

Gadwall - Similar to Teal but generally larger in size.  Finely barred feather used for veiling and wings.  3 pairs per pkg, $3.50  

 X-Select Pintail -   Nice feathers with thicker barring than mallard. 3 pairs per pkg, use for veilings or wings.  $4.95

Gadwall:  Non-sorted, small bulk pkg:  $2.50

Barred Wood Duck Flank - Large X-Select feathers with black and white barring.  3 pair per package. $4.95 per pkg. 



Lemon Wood Duck Flank:  These are lightly barred.  $4.50. 



Select Bronze Mallard:   10 matched pair per package.  Small or Medium:  $4.50, Large (Spey) $5.50, Jumbo $7.95 (very limited availability on the Jumbo).   



Natural or Dyed Strung Guinea Feathers:  $4.50 Colors:  Purple, Pink, Kingfisher Blue, Yellow, Wine, Highlander, Chartreuse, Silver Dr Blue, Hot Orange, and Red.


Mallard Barred Flank Select Spey Feathers:  $2.75 pkg  Finely barred, super select feathers that are selected for size and quality.  Natural and dyed Red, Purple, Black, Fire Orange, Fl Pink.


Ringneck Neck Patch:  The white collar feathers dyed make a great substitute for some exotic feathers.  Colors:  Chatterer Blue, Crow Red, Toucan Yellow.  $3.25  






STS Trilobal Dubbing - Medium fine, soft, sparkly, translucent dubbing. Makes beautiful life-like nymphs, leech, steelhead, and  salmon flies.  Material is easy to dub thinly or thickly. Colors are vivid.  Available are:  Fl. Flame, Fl. Orange, Purple, Fl. Yellow, Fl. Cerise, Red, Claret, Black, Fl. Chartreuse, Hot Orange, Fl. Hot Pink, Fl. Shell Pink.  $2.25 per package







Ice Dub:  Great new dubbing from Hareline adds sparkle and flash to any steelhead pattern. Just added for 2003, some holographic colors.  UV Black, UV Brown, Caddis Green, Chartreuse, Chocolate Brown, UV Cinnamon, UV Dun, UV FL Hot Pink, Golden Brown, Hol Brown, Hol Chartreuse, Hol Copper, Hol Gold, Hol Gold Orange, Hol Olive, Hol Purple, Hot Yellow, UV Lavender, UV Lt Olive, Olive, Orange, Peacock, Pearl, UV Pearl, UV Pink, UV Purple, UV Red, FL Shell Pink, UV Shell Pink, Silver Holo, UV tan.  $2.25 per package





Angora Goat Dubbing:  Coarse, spikey and ideal for steelhead bodies.  Colors:  Black, Brown, Burnt Orange, Claret, Cream, Dun, Fiery Brown, Fl Chartreuse, Fl Fire Orange, Fl Orange, Fl Red, Ginger, Green, Highlander Green, Hot Orange, Kingfisher Blue, Light Olive, Olive, Olive Brown, Purple, Red, White, Yellow.  $1.95 per package  






Polar Dub:  This dubbing sparkles like diamonds and is easy to work with.  Colors:  Black, Brown, Caddis Green, Chartreuse, Dark Olive, Dark Tan, Lt Olive, Olive, Orange, Pale Yellow, Pink, Purple, Red, Rust, Tan, White Transparent, Yellow.  $2.25 per package








SLF Dubbing (Paul Jorgensen):  $2.95  Colors: Peacock, Electric Blue, Magenta Flame, Purple Haze, Fiery Blood Red, Claret Black, Golden, Sunset Orange, Fiery Red Brown, Silver Salmon Pink, Fire Orange, Fl Fire Orange, Fiery Golden Yellow, Fiery Red Brown, and Purple Fiery Claret. 













Finn Raccoon:  $3.95 per piece.  More guard hair and length than Arctic Fox, good substitute for Temple Dog hair.  Great for tube flies.  Dyed Colors:  Fl Pink, Fl Chartruese, Fl Fire Orange, Purple, KF Blue, Highlander Green, Red, Orange, Yellow, and White. 


 Arctic Fox:  $2.95 per piece  Soft, lively hair great for winging small streamers and salmon flies.  Bright dyed colors. 

Colors:  Black, White, Yellow, Orange, Chartreuse, Olive, Purple, Red, Highlander Green and White. 




Black Bear Hair - A must have material for traditional patterns, natural black/brown.  $2.50 piece.





Silks, Tinsels, Silkworm Gut  and Floss


Japanese Silk: Colors available: #5 Hot Pink, #76 Purple, #50 Red, #31 Glasso Orange, #09 Highlander Green, #12 Silver Doctor Blue, #48 Black, #32 Orange, #26 Lemon Yellow, #27 Buttercup Yellow, #13 Royal Blue, #61 Crimson, #08 Chartreuse, #30 Tangerine, #35 Dk Lavender, #38 Fuchsia, #49 White, #50 Red, #72 Golden Olive, #34 Med Lavender, #31 Kingfisher Blue , #38 Violet, #73  Lt Olive, #35 Dk Lavender, #59 Red/Orange

Limited availability on some colors.  Not all colors on chart are available.

     Cost is $9.00 ea. 




Pearsalls Gossamer Silk Thread: Extra fine thread for trout flies or rod building. $4.50 per 45 meter spool Colors available: Black, Purple, Lemon Yellow, Olive Green, Hot Orange, Brown, Claret & Cardinal.   



Lagartun Flat Embossed Tinsel: Size Medium in Gold or Silver, $5.75 per spool


Uni French Twist - Medium silver.  $4.95/Spool

Lagartun French Tinsel - Available in Silver or Gold.  

    Oval Tinsel - size Large $9.75, Oval in Medium $9.15,Small $7.50, Fine $5.95, X-Fine $5.50 per spool.  

    Flat Tinsel - size Large $9.50, Medium $8.50 Small $7.95 per spool.

    Copper Tinsel - Medium Flat $7.30, Large Flat $8.50

Lagartun French Floss - Spooled, available in Black, Blue, Bright Orange, White, Burgundy, Highlander Green Kingfisher Blue, Lemon Yellow, Light Green, Lilac, Marigold, Olive, Pale Blue, Purple, Red, Red Claret, Silver Doctor Blue.  $5.95




Silk/Berlin Wool:  Gold, Coral, Red, Black, Shrimp Orange, Claret, Brown Olive, Pink, Antique Olive, Antique Orange, Olive, Green Olive.  $3.95 per pkg.  10 yds per package. 







Uni-Yarn:  Very smooth yarn with great color selection.  Good Choice for building bodies on both steelhead, salmon and traditional wet flies.  Much easier then dubbing.  $1.85 

        Colors: Black, Brown, Dk Brown, Burnt Orange, Chartreuse, Chinese Red, Fl. Orange, Gold, Highlander Green, Insect Green, Light Pink, Olive, Pale Yellow, Purple, Red, Sun Yellow, Wine, Gray, Dk Gray, and Cream.   


Veniard's Cellire Varnish:   Head cement for a hard, shiny finish.  Available in clear @ $4.95 or Black @ $5.95.


Veniard's Cellire Thinner:  Use for thinning down Cellire varnish or cleaning brushes.  $3.95


Veniard's Liquid Wax:  $3.50


Lagartun Genuine Beeswax:  Designed for treating floss and thread.  $6.95








                              Gaelic Supreme Hooks - English Hand Made Hooks. 



Harrison Bartleet Blind Eye:  Sizes 2/0, 4/0, 5/0, 6/0, 7/0 $15.95 (6 hooks per package)



Mike Martinek Carrie Stevens Rangeley Streamer Hooks.  Size 1, 2 (8X Long) $15.95,  Size 4, 6 (6X Long) $13.95.  (25 hooks per pkg)


Harrison Bartleet Dee:  5/0, 3/0, 2/0  $15.95 (6 hooks per package)


Harrison Bartleet Long Dee:  5/0, 4/0, 3/0, 2/0 $15.95 (6 hooks per pkg)


NOTE:  Partridge is discontinuing many of their salmon fly hooks this year. 

The following hooks are subject to available stock.   Thanks. 

Partridge Salar Doubles:  Size 3.   $10.25 (10 hooks per package)

Partridge N:  Single Low Water hooks, #1/0 $17.95, #1, #2, #4, $14.95 (25 hooks per pkg.)

Partridge M:  Heavyweight Salmon irons, looped up eye, black finish.  #1/0 $18.95, #1, #2, #4, #6 $13.95

Partridge Traditional Bartleet: CS10/1 sizes #3/0 & 1/0 $17.95 (25 pkg), #1, #2, #4, #6  $13.95 (25 pkg).

Partridge Traditional Bartleet:  CS10/2 sizes #1/0, #1   $13.95 (25 pkg.)

Partridge Single Wilson:  #6, #8, #10  $11.95 (10 pkg)


Partridge Waddington Shank:  $9.95 per pkg. Sizes:  45mm, 35mm, 25mm, 20mm, 15mm,   Quantity 25 shanks per pkg,  Works great for Dee's, tube style flies, and the intruder fly. 

Daiichi: Alec Jackson Spey Fly Hook. sizes 3/0, 1.5, 3, 5, 7. Available in Black, Nickel or Gold finishes. Curved shank, tapered-loop up-eye, forged bend. Prices below are for 10 hooks per package. 

2051 Black 2052 Nickel 2055 Gold
sz.3/0  $9.99 sz.3/0  $9.99 sz.3/0  $13.25
sz.1.5  $7.99 sz.1.5   $7.99 sz.1.5  $9.99
sz.3     $6.00 sz.3      $6.00 sz.3     $7.75
sz.5     $6.00 sz.5      $6.00 sz.5     $7.75
sz.7     $6.00 sz.7      $6.00 sz.7     $7.75

Daiichi Alec Jackson Spey Heavy Wire Hook:  #2061, Black, Curved shank, tapered-loop up-eye, forged bend.  10 hooks per package.  Sizes 1.5 or 3.  $7.99 per package




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